What is LifePreneur | How To Make Money As a LifePreneur

Have you been wondering what is LifePreneur? How to make money as a LifePreneur? What am I going to be getting access to, once I join? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I am going to share with you a full overview of Chris Record’s new company called Lifepreneur. You will learn exactly what Lifepreneur is, why it is one of the BEST internet marketing training platform, and how you can make money with it. As well as get a glimpse of the BONUSES that you will be getting specifically from me by JOINING HERE.

What is LifePreneur?

LifePreneur is a brand new company founded by my good friend, online serial-entrepreneur, Chris Record. Chris is an 8-figure earner and has been online for decades. He has had success in different types of online ventures, and mentored thousands of students around the globe – which has helped transform so many lives.

Chris has an incredible vision of transforming lives not just financially but on a personal level, like raise awareness and help those who suffer from autism, cancer, and so many other diseases and unfortunate situations. He is all about finding a balance, invest in others, and leveling up your lifestyle.

What does LifePreneur stands for? Chris has decided to combine Lifestyle and Entrepreneur and create a life-changing platform.

Overview of Lifepreneur

LifePreneur Has 4 Core Product Lines
$1,000 – Social Influencer Academy
$2,000 – Digital Agency Builders
$3,000 – Penthouse Mastermind
$4,000 – 4C Investor Roundtable

During the Pre-Launch the pricing is HIGHLY discounted. So, if you are going over this anytime between February 2018-June 2018, you are in luck 🙂 To go ALL-IN it’s ONLY a total of $2,000 including 1-day mastermind!

4 90-Minute Segments
Lunch & Breaks
Core Trainer + Guest Trainer
Core Trainer = Segments 1 & 2
Guest Trainer = Segments 3 & 4

It is NOT a Seminar or Workshop at all. It is a private non-filmed event. Chris and guest trainers are going to be sharing the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that CANNOT be shared publicly in large groups.

You will be able to RSVP for the mastermind that you want to attend. Registration is in order from the time that you joined. First 50 people that joined, get first dibs on masterminds. Then the next 50, the next 50, and so on… Once a mastermind is full (like 25 rsvp’s), then you would have to wait for someone to cancel (***requires 7-days advance notice to free up your spot)

Let’s Look at Some Of The Anticipated 2018-2019 Mastermind Locations


Las Vegas NV
Phoenix AZ
San Diego CA
Los Angeles CA
San Francisco CA
Austin TX
Dallas TX
Tampa FL
Orlando FL
Miami FL
New York NY
Chicago IL

Sydney, Australia
London, United Kingdom
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada

*** In order for us to open registrations for a mastermind, we must have evidence there is enough demand in that location based on the buyer data that we receive ***

Here’s What You Get When You Decide To Buy The LifePreneur All Access Pass:

– LifePreneur Vault – Instant Access to the LifePreneur All Access Vault ($2,000 Value as a BONUS from Chris)
– Affiliate Payouts – Exclusive ability to receive 50% commission payouts during pre-launch (everyone else waits until June 2018 for the official launch)
– 1-Day Mastermind Session – Choose from several upcoming masterminds to attend 1 with 6 hours of in-person training. ($3,000 value)
– Social Influencer Academy Digital Course ($1,000 Value)
– Digital Agency Builders Program & Agency Website ($2,000 Value)
– 4C Investor Roundtable Stream Access ($4,000 Value)

Total Value $12,000+

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How To Profit as a LifePreneur

Can you actually get your money back once you join? Yes, LifePreneur has an affiliate program – which means you can get paid commissions as an affiliate. As soon as you make two all-in sales, you will recoup your investment.

How does affiliate program work?

After joining all-in you will receive an affiliate link to start promoting LifePreneur. This link is tracked to you, so anyone that joins, you will be credited with the sale. Chris Record will be doing the telling, selling and explaining for you. All you do is get people to watch his videos and attend his webinars, using your unique affiliate link.

How well does it really convert?

Here are the current conversion stats on a webinar that isn’t even as detailed or as good.** 80% still live at the time of the offer.

Current Conversion = 25% (warm market) For example, if we have 1,000 attend a webinar, about 800 are on at the time of the pitch, and about 200 want to purchase (either right on the spot, or via follow up emails) (18% on the spot)

Chris and his team are working around the clock on improving the webinar for you, as well as adding the detailed product information, logos, demos, creating a list of masterminds, as well as working on adding a variety of different payment plans. Based on the current conversion rates, if you run your own warm market traffic that know you, you might anticipate 20% conversion rate. Or, if you ran cold traffic, you might get 5%-10%.

Your objective should be to at least earn $10,000 per month as an affiliate to start off with. Since you are going to be qualified to earn $1,000 in commissions per sale (at the time of the pre-launch), which means that you need 10 sales per month, that would be 2-3 sales per week. If you follow the trainings and Chris’ guidance, this is absolutely possible. Not guaranteed, but possible.


In Summary…

LifePreneur is for anyone who wants to take their life and business to the next level. No matter if you are just starting out or an experienced marketer, you WILL benefit from it. LifePreneur is an incredible training platform as well as an affiliate opportunity to go out there and change someone’s life! It is a community of entrepreneurs who not only care about themselves and leveling up their lives but also invest in others with their time and money.

If you are ready for a breakthrough, don’t sit on the sidelines, jump on and start creating the lifestyle of your dreams. By helping others, you will help yourself.

In this specific video below, you will discover how I made $1,000+ in 1 day with Lifepreneur, as well as tips and strategies that help me grow my online business. Also, feel free to get a glimpse of the BONUSES that you will be getting by joining through this link: http://www.LifepreneurExclusive.com




Income disclaimer: My results are not typical, typical people will probably not get these results, you have to really be willing to do what it takes. Not everyone is willing to do it. But it’s 100% achievable if you do what it takes.