Tecademics -The First Of Its Kind!

Entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners will now have the opportunity to take their online marketing career to tremendous levels with an Internet Marketing College, the first of its kind. Tecademics is the new phenomenon that’s geared to deliver a college style learning experience for a variety of internet marketing concepts. Created by Chris Record, Tecademics is the first internet marketing college, delivering structured lessons that beginners can use to rise to the next level without overwhelm or confusion. Never before has the industry seen anything like this, a true revolutionary oasis of information that will grow the careers of those who take full advantage of this opportunity.

Here’s the actual footage of the Tecademics launch event:

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Tecademics offers a learning like no other e-learning school. The material taught here is done using a concept known as Industrial System Design. It’s really a scientific way to teach the material and it’s so effective that it allows students to achieve mastery learning. Chris Record has teamed up with a group of PHDs and Subject Matter Experts to deliver the material in a manner which helps students to learn it so well that they will have little or no problem implementing it in the real world. This type of learning will take someone who is a beginner to an intermediate level and then from the intermediate level to a professional level while minimizing confusion and information overload.

With such an extraordinary method of teaching, you’re probably wondering what is going to be taught. Here is a list of a few things that are going to be taught at Tecademics:

  • Facebook PPC and Advertising
  • Google Adwords PPC Training
  • YouTube Video Marketing and Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Branding
  • Email Marketing
  • Shopify and Ecommerce

These are just a few of what is going to be offered by Tecademics in fall 2016.

The college is going to be held only 4 times annually with each college session being a week long. A typical week will be 5 days with 1 or 2 classes per day. Each class is broken down into four 90 minutes segments making it 30 hours per week and 120 hours per year of class time.

To access each class, you’ll have to sign in with your student ID then you’ll be given a little pre-test on how much you know about a particular topic. After the pre-test, you’ll have your first 90 minutes of class session then a break following which you’ll have your second 90 minutes session. After your second 90 minutes session, you’ll have your lunch break after which you’ll have your third 90 minutes session. After you have your third 90 minutes session, you’ll have your final break then your fourth 90 minutes class session will complete the day.

Not only does Tecademics offer the most structured education in the industry, it gives you the opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs. For anyone who wants to be successful in Internet Marketing, Tecademics will definitely provide the window of opportunity to breakthrough giving you both the education and the networking opportunities. Whether you want to learn in a physical classroom environment in Arizona or you want to learn online, Tecademics delivers.