The Importance of Having a Strategy

When it comes to improving your conversions, there is a few things that you have to keep in mind. First of all, what is the main ingredient that we all need to have? It is TRAFFIC, right? Traffic is the live blood of our business. But traffic would not do much for us if we don’t know how to convert that traffic into leads and sales. Because at the end of the day, what is our goal? It’s CONVERSIONS, right?

There is a science behind getting high conversions 🙂 And, the cool thing is, there are lots of different ways to increase your conversions. Here’s a FREE training that I’ve recently created about increasing your lead conversions up to 90%, CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT. The secret behind increasing your sales conversions is very similar to increasing the leads conversions. Both of these areas need a STRATEGY!

I’ve tested similar promotions using two different ways, one without a strategy, and the other one with a strategy, and I’ll tell you what.. by using a strategy, I was able to increase my conversions dramatically!


I’ve learned the strategies and methods on increasing conversions from my mentor, Vick Strizheus. He is super strategic about everything in his business, that is why he was able to earn millions of dollars online. (*Results are not typical, because Vick is not typical, he is willing to do the things that typical people would not be willing to do.)

He said that he never posts even his FB status updates without having a strategy behind it! I’d highly recommend you to check out his Total Domination Engineering Training Series here => where he goes in depth about the strategies that he is using, and shares exactly what he does, so you can implement it into your business, and totally dominate your marketplace.

Here’s my quick video for you:

A quick business tip for ya 🙂 I talk about something that replaces the '?' in this formula: Traffic + ? = Conversion. Click HD for better quality. Like, comment, and share!

Posted by Katie Lendel on Thursday, April 30, 2015

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