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How To Customize Your Email Template and Use Hyperlink


It’s always better to customize your things. It helps you stand out from the competition and shows who you are. People can resonate with you better as well. So, I would definitely recommend you to customize your email template. Here’s a free training I’ve created for you on how to customize your email template and also how to use hyperlink in your emails. Enjoy and crush your business.

How To Create a Custom Email Address


These days it is necessary to have an email address. I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t have an email address. Mostly every document we need to fill out asks us for our email address. There is a reason why 🙂 Because it’s easy to follow up and connect with people via email.

If you are in business, your customers and prospects will ask you for your email address. If not, you will have to give them your email address so that they can connect with you.

It is very important to have a custom email address when you are in business.

When you have a custom email address, you show yourself as an authority, or as a leader. One reason someone would not want to join you or buy what you are offering could be as little as not having a custom email address.

Having a custom email address builds trust and authority. People see that you are serious about your business and you have a real, legit business.

One of the things I recommend to my team and business owners is to create a custom email address, because it is crucial to your success. I know it’s a simple thing, but it’s a very important.

You would need to have your business domain name and a hosting account. If you don’t have a domain, go to and purchase a domain. If you don’t have a hosting account CLICK HERE and create one. And then just follow my step by step tutorial below to create a custom email address for yourself 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 2.41.32 PM

How To Get 50+ Leads a Day Using Facebook PPC


I’ve recently set up a couple of Facebook ads that are performing even BETTER than I expected! I was able to get over 15% click through rate, 50+ Laser Targeted Leads, for as low as $.06 per click!

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 9.58.50 PM
It literally blew my mind… and I figured, I can’t hold it back anymore, gotta share this with you!

In my opinion, Facebook PPC is an amazing lead generating method, that you can use (if you have a Facebook account of course) and really take your business to a whole new level!

Watch my quick training that I just recorded for you on “HOW TO SET UP A FACEBOOK AD” (proof included):


For more in depth Facebook Marketing training, CLICK HERE –> Social Marketing Mastery

How To Get 500+ People To See Your FB Ad for FREE!


I love sharing the things that I’ve discovered and learned that are worth sharing with you 🙂

One of the things that I’ve recently noticed on one of my FB ads is that over 500 people got to see my ad for FREE! This means I have not paid a penny for these people to see my ad! Now, that’s incredible!

I obviously wanted to share it right away, so you can implement the things that I did and use it to build your business. I cannot guarantee same results for you, but I am doing my best to share the tips and secrets on how to do it.

I’ve created a 100% FREE video training for you about how I’ve made that happen. So, just watch it and implement it in creating your FB ads!

At first, I start out with my personal story and then jump into the training 🙂 Watch it, enjoy it, and master your FB PPC skills!

Watch my quick training here:

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10 SUPER TIPS for FB Ads!


As you might now, I love FB advertising!

I think it’s one of the BEST advertising out there!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me a lot of questions about creating fb ads… so I wanted to share these 10 Super Tips for FB Ads, that I implement in my ad creations and have great results with it!

10 Super Tips For Your FB ADS

FB Advertising is one of the best! Why?

1.3 billion monthly active Facebook users
680 million mobile Facebook users
– Facebook users base grew 22% in 2013
– 48% of FB users login every single day
– Users average 18 min per visit
72 million links shared every single day

Tip #1- Create a High Converting Lead Capture Page/Sales Page
– Split test your pages and use the BEST converting one!
– For more sales conversions, sometimes its better to send people to sales page right away.
– If you are promoting something in your niche to build your longterm business, it’s better to use a landing page.

Tip #2 – Create a Fan Page
– Check out my step-by-step training HERE and create one!

Tip #3 – Create a Bridge Marketing Offer
– Create a High Value FREE Offer (that goes hand in hand with your product) at the front end, and sell your MAIN product at the back end.

For Example: Record a FREE tutorial of how to do something that would benefit their business, and bridge it together with your MAIN product.

Tip #4 – Create a Popping Ad
– Split test different ads, because some will be successful and some are not. It’s normal!
– Instead of regular FB ad creator, I prefer using Power Editor to create my ads. My ads get approved faster and convert better.

Tip #5 – Always Choose Your Target Audience
– Targeting the right people is SUPER important for more conversions!

Tip #6 – Set a Low Budget
– $5/day per ad per day budget is the BEST!
– No more than $20/day per ad.

Tip #7 – Know Your Budget
– Don’t overpay!
– Watch your FB billing closely.

Tip #8 – Manage Your Ads
– Always keep an eye and manage your ads
– Pause the losers and scale out the winners.

Tip #9 – Watch Your ROI
– ROI – Return On Investment
– ROI matters the MOST.
– #1 goal is to get your ROI higher
– #2 goal is to get the ‘cost per website click’ lower

Tip #10 – Keep Testing/Tweaking
– Don’t get upset if some of your ads don’t perform the best, just keep testing and tweaking.
– Try targeting different people with separate ads based on age/sex/city/state/country

Enjoy my quick video and implement it in your business. Never stop testing and tweaking your ads, because it’s definitely worth it!


How To Create A FB Fanpage and Get Lots of Fans…


Have you ever thought of creating your own Facebook Fan Page?

I’ve created a simple step by step tutorial on how to do that and how to get tons of fans to it!

Why is Facebook Fan Page so cool? What are the benefits of it?

When you have a Fan Base, it can definitely benefit you and your business.

What you can do with a fan page:

-Brand Yourself
-Promote Your Website
-Promote Your Product, and other…

So far, I personally have 7,142 total fans combined from all my personal fan pages. It surely helps me in my business.

If you don’t have a fan page yet, I definitely recommend you to get one going.

Just follow my tutorial and create one for yourself, enjoy, have fun, and have success with it!

To START Your Home Based Business TODAY CLICK HERE!

How To Personalize Your Template in GetResponse


I’ve had so many people ask me about how to personalize their template in GetResponse, so I decided to record a quick training and share this with you guys.

I’ve had a lot of people tell they really like my emails that they get from me, because of my personalized part.

I believe, it really separates you from the other marketers out there and helps people notice your emails, and helps with the open rates of your future emails.

When people see that your email is personalized, they start liking you and trusting you, which brings you sales in the future. Don’t be afraid to personalize your stuff, because people don’t join companies, they join you. They want to know who you are, and will learn what you do when you start branding yourself.

Branding yourself is very important in your business. It helps you build relationships with your potential customers and business partners. So, go ahead, follow the steps and personalize your template, and use it for your future emails to your lists.

Wishing you great success with it!

Watch my quick training video:


How To Get Up To 70% Email Open Rate and Make a LOT of Money the COOL Way 🙂


You probably already know that I love to share value!

Today, I want to share with you what Vick Strizheus (founder of Big Idea Mastermind and High Traffic Academy) recently shared with us, regarding some cool ideas on how to exponentially increase your email open rates and help you make more money.

He’s been testing some cool ideas and as result, his email open and click-through rates have SKYROCKETED…

… to the tune of over 70%!

Pretty sweet 🙂

So He did a live google hangout sharing some of the ideas and strategies…

There was over 3,000 people attneding live and it was awesome.

I think if you apply this stuff, you can 10X your business NATURALLY.

Hope this helps you. Wishing you great success!

Watch the hangout! Vick’s sharing some of his secrets…:

What do I do for living?

How To Set Up Your YouTube Channel


Here is my simple step by step instruction, for you, on how to set up your youtube channel.

How To Transfer a Domain in GoDaddy?


I’ve recorded this tutorial especially for you, if you are looking for the step by step guide on how to transfer a domain in godaddy.
Feel free to just follow it and transfer your domain.

How To Upload, Enhance, and Make Your Video Attractive on YouTube…


Video Marketing is AMAZING! When I started out recording videos of myself, it was tough. I was nervous. I had to re-record my first video, like 10 times… But I heard Video Marketing works amazing! So I started. Another reason why I started, is because also wanted to work on myself, and overcome that fear. With each video, I was gaining confidence, and it was becoming easier and easier for me to do. I’ve also experienced great results with video marketing. I believe, it is very important and totally worth it, to use video marketing to promote your business! I’ve created a quick training for you of how to upload, enhance, and make your video more attractive on YouTube. Hope it helps! Enjoy!

How To Add a Link To Your Video


Video Marketing is amazing! Of course, if you know how to do it the right way.

I’ve recorded a quick video tutorial for you on how to add a link to your video. This can be a link to your blog, your website, your landing page, or whatever site you want your video viewers to go. I believe this will surely benefit your business, if you use it the right way.

My advise, is not to put too many links, on too many of your videos, because this will make your subscribers feel like you are pitching them, and will scare them away. But I will definitely recommend you to use this on the videos that you think would benefit you.

Another quick advise, is to give people lots of value in your videos!

Hope this helps you succeed in your video marketing!

Watch my tutorial here:

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 6.05.53 PM

How To Get Leads From The ListJoe Safelist…


Today, I just wanted to quickly show you how to drive traffic to your page and get leads from one of the Safelists. In this case, it would be the ListJoe, because it is actually my favorite safelist.

I am not promoting this safelist, but just recommending it to you, because this is something that works for me, so it might as well work for you 🙂

I’ve been getting leads from ListJoe for some time already, and always wanted to share it with you…just been pretty busy to record this training…but hey, i finally did it!

So here it is… enjoy it and most importantly implement it into your business! Hope that helps you to get leads as good as it helps me… which I believe it will, and also hoping these leads will convert into sales of course.

Here is my quick training for you: