What is Digital Altitude? My Honest Review

I’ve had so many people come to me with this exact question.. ‘What is Digital Altitude?’ I know, you too, may be wondering what it is, if it’s a scam, or simply want to know the details of it. Chances are – you are doing your due diligence and research before making a decision to join Digital Altitude, which is very important. In this blog post, I will cover as much as I can about Digital Altitude. You are at the right place, at the right time.

Be sure to stick with me through to the end, as I will reveal to you what exactly you need to focus on that can help boost your Digital Altitude sales as well as any online sales. But if you are a newbie, I’m going to show you how to earn your first online commission.

What Is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is founded by Michael Force who is a very successful business professional and a former U.S Marine. Michael also built his first multi-million-dollar business by the age of 27, so needless to say, this guy knows his stuff when it comes to designing an effective and successful business opportunity. This digital business sales system is specifically designed for the internet marketing newbies or those who have already been online but ready to take their business to the next level. Digital Altitude has multiple levels within itself, so you can get qualified to earn a low ticket, mid-ticket, as well as high ticket commissions. You will have an option on which level to join in, low, mid or high.

Digital Altitude is designed to not only help you build your Digital Altitude business, but any business that you are currently building. It will help you position yourself and your business for massive success. So, if you don’t want to promote Digital Altitude itself, you don’t have to – simply learn what you need to know about building a business, mastermind with six and seven figure earners at our workshops and events to build any other business out there.

If you have been struggling in your business for some time already, I’d highly suggest you to give Digital Altitude a go, learn from it and implement it into your business, as well as start building your Digital Altitude business, why not create an additional stream of income for yourself? Right?!

Here’s where I go in depth and show you what is Digital Altitude:

Digital Altitude Products

The products of Digital Altitude include ASPIRE as a core product and then Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex. There are more being added as we grow. Here’s the explanation in more detail and pricing:

ASPIRE – The Digital Business Sales System:

60+ Hours Of Digital Business Video Trainings
Private Digital Client For Life Coaches
7-Figure Sales Funnels and Websites
Follow Up Sequences and Sales Automation
High Commission Back End Products
Done-For-You Branding Solutions
Traffic and Social Media Solutions
Latest Tools and Resources
Merchant and Payroll Services
Support, Forums and Live Chat
Community and Leadership
Networking, Live Events and Coaching

ASPIRE Digital Altitude business system provides three membership options to choose from, which is Walker, Hiker, and Climber.





Depending on which one you choose it can impact the amount of commissions you earn. This earnings principal is also applied to your potential earnings on rest the levels offered by Digital Altitude.

BASE – The Digital Business Mastery Course:

Section 1 [4 Modules]: Teaches you the secrets of setting the right foundations during the startup phase of your business.

Section 2 [4 Modules]: Explains how to launch your business the right way. It is important to know what steps to take to position your business for massive success.

Section 3 [4 Modules]: Once your business is up and running, this part of the training teaches you how to grow your business effectively.

BASE is $597 One-Time

Note: Walker, Hiker and Climber membership principle are applied and can reflect on earnings. Meaning depending on which membership you choose it can determine whether or not you receive up to 40% on your commissions or up to 60% on your commissions etc.

RISE – Higher Level Digital Business Mastery Course.

Section 1 [4 Modules]: Teaches you the importance about committing to succeeding in your business. This is geared towards the number one factor that’ll determine whether you succeed or fail in your business which is – mindset.

Section 2 [4 Modules]: Understanding the mind of your customer. This will teach you how to trigger your customers to buy from you and how to attract the perfect customer to your offers.

Section 3 [4 Modules]: How to create. Learning how to have great copywriting skills will give you an edge over all your competitors online and will teach you how to create content that will have your prospects desiring to buy your products.

Section 4 [4 Modules]: How to leverage effective words in your writing. Reveals the secret to profit pulling words for your ideal customers.

Section 5 [3 Modules]: You’ll learn how to partner up with other top marketers in the industry and how to leverage joint ventures and other people’s lists to become an authority online.

RISE: $1997 One-Time

Note: Walker, Hiker and Climber membership principle are applied and can reflect on earnings. Meaning depending on which membership you choose it can determine whether or not you receive up to 40% on your commissions or up to 60% on your commissions etc.

ASCEND – The Digital Business Profit Workshop.

In order to get the VERY best results in any home-based business you’d have to go in deep into the minds of several top marketing experts to find out what they’re doing to get their results. This is where ASCEND comes in, giving you a digital 3 day workshop with several of the industries top entrepreneurs.

The 3-Day Workshop Includes:


Top 5 Most Profitable Traffic Sources
6 Strategies To Scale Traffic
7-Figure Conversion Hacks
3 Powerful Funnel Formulas


The Power Of A Personal Brand
How To Tell Your Story
Finding The Guru In You
How To Master Video


Increase Conversions With Analytics
How To Create Amazing Content
How To Work Smarter With Outsourcing
How To Build A Team

One Time Cost: $9997

PEAK – The Digital Business Prosperity Retreat.

Peak is a 5-day all inclusive retreat for two. This retreat brings you the world’s top “thought of” leaders in… business success, management, and leadership. This will allow you the amazing experience in person..and much much more…

One Time Cost: $16,997

APEX – The Digital Business Legacy Experience.

Apex is a seven day all inclusive retreat for two in which you will learn how to build and preserve wealth to ensure your financial success long-term, and much much more…

One Time Cost: $27,997

In summary.. Digital Altitude products are absolutely next level. Michael Force has done an outstanding job putting the packages together and it is definitely a TOP NOTCH material. Each one of them contains crucial information one must learn and master in order to stay in business for the long haul. I am 100% satisfied with them and will not regret I have access to every single one of them.

Here’s My 5-Figure Per Month Blueprint

Who Should Join Digital Altitude?

Anyone can join Digital Altitude. It is designed for entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone who wants to make money online – for newbies and professionals alike.

The company was in pre-launch in November 2015 but is now fully launched. Digital Altitude’s systems, branding and website are performing without a problem. If you’re interested in taking your online business to the next level, Digital Altitude appears to be a good opportunity for any digital marketing entrepreneur.

A huge feature that anyone will like is they have sales coaches that will close all your leads for you. And everyone will have their own traffic coach as well so you can get traffic and leads going as soon as you can.

It is currently 100% FREE to join for 14 days, and if you decide to keep building it and be a part of the company that may potentially change your life forever, it is going to be $37/month plus whatever payment plan you are more comfortable with, which you will discuss with your personally assigned coach.

Do I Have To Spend Money To Make Money With Digital Altitude?

Well, if you are a business owner you already know the importance of investing into your business for it to grow and expand exponentially. You’ve heard, “It costs money to make money. This truth is, that really a standard business principal. If you think about it several people go to college which also costs money, just getting to work is most cases cost money never mind mentioning gas, food, clothes etc…

So, anybody who gets upset when they have to put money into a business in order to generate money may be misunderstanding the basics in business fundamentals “honestly and respectfully speaking”.

So, when you are starting to build a business – you will need to invest into it for it to grow! The difference between a ‘job’ and a ‘business’ is there is almost no potential in having a job, you can only do this much or earn this much on a job, unlike with your own business where the potential is unlimited, as well as there is no cap on earnings. That’s why having your own business in either case is much better than having a job.

You might ask, ‘Is the money that you are making really, ‘real’?’ Absolutely, as real as it gets!

If there is a big money to be made then there must be big money coming into that program so this way people are able to generate those commissions of $1K, $6K, $10K, $16K etc. So, I personally am NOT surprised at all by the price tags to be a part of something like the ASPIRE Digital Altitude business system. Remember, Digital Altitude is a real business NOT a get rich quick scheme.

The fact is in order to win big online you will have to get over the ‘too expensive’ mentality, of the real online programs, if your goal is to get the commissions that can really change your life. When somebody says, “Hey, it costs $2,000 to start earning commissions of $1,200.00 over and over again (potentially on a daily basis)” please don’t be surprised that the price tag is $2K.

Rather, here’s the right perspective… you’ve paid $2K and now you’re in position to generate $500, $1200 etc… over and over again which is a great deal. And that’s the beauty of the ASPIRE Digital Altitude business program.

In all honesty, I love Digital Altitude and grateful to be a part of it! The best part about it that it’s not just me making money, but my amazing team members as well, we’ve recently just crossed the $230,000 in total team sales!

Looking forward to welcome you to the team help you on your journey to success!

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I cannot and will not guarantee any results simply because I don’t know if you will follow the plan of action, or if you will take any action at all to achieve the results.