How To Create an Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnail In 3 Simple Steps

Have you been wondering, how do they create such cool and attention-grabbing YouTube video thumbnails? Well.. you’ve come to the right place! There are a lot of ways to create a cool looking thumbnail image, and I can definitely show you exactly what I do to grab viewers attention.

First Thing’s First

Do you have a YouTube channel? If you haven’t created a YouTube channel yet, that’s obviously what you are going to need to do first. I’d suggest you to learn how to do it here: How To Start a YouTube Channel <– click here

Once you have a YouTube channel, you’ll need to start creating content. But before that, you will have to discover what it is you are passionate about. Don’t open a YouTube channel just because, or just to post random videos. YouTube loves value, great content, and content that the viewers would love to interact with.

When starting a YouTube channel, you have to think – long-term. What is it you’d love to do videos about, long-term. What do you want to focus on, long-term. Remember, you will be growing audience around a niche that you are passionate about, providing the content that will help your audience in whatever they need help with or the area that they would love to learn about. Think of it as a long-term game.

Why Use YouTube?

I can’t stress enough, how much video content and YouTube has transformed my business. It’s an amazing tool to grow trust and relationships with potential customers or business partners. Think of YouTube as your ‘list’, your subscribers are your loyal fans. They want to see your content. They trust you and decide to buy from you whatever you have to offer when the timing is right.

But don’t forget to get your subscribers off of YouTube onto your actual list of course, because your list is yours to keep, as long as you are exporting it and saving it onto your hard-drive/laptop, but your social media friends, subscribers, followers are not yours. Why? Because what if one day you will wake up, check your email, and find an email from YouTube saying, ‘Sorry, your YouTube Channel has been shut down.’ or something like that.. I’ve had that happen to me. Fortunately, I was able to get it re-opened, after they have reviewed my content and found nothing wrong. But it does happen every single day, so don’t forget to mention in your videos to subscribe to your actual list, and maybe give them a freebie in return.

There are so many opportunities with YouTube. To start off with you can make money by simply becoming a YouTube partner when your channel reaches 10,000 views, and monetize your videos. By that I mean, let YouTube place ads on your videos and get compensated for viewers playing your ads and clicking on them. As well as get sponsored by companies to promote something in your videos – that’s where a big chunk of is made. You can learn more about it and find sponsorships here: Monetize Your Passion <– click here. I can go on and on about how great YouTube is, but lets get to the point.

What’s Next

Once you have your YouTube channel created and figured out what type of content you want to put out. Start working on your content as soon as you can! Here’s the video training I have promised where I talk about one of the most important things to consider when putting out video content.

How To Create an Eye-Catching YouTube Thumbnail In 3 Simple Steps:

By now, you should’ve learned the importance of having a YouTube channel and how video content creation can take your business to the next level. Hope you enjoyed my video training above and will start implementing the steps as soon as today. In my opinion, YouTube is the number tool for rapid business growth.