Building a Relationship with Your List

How important is it to build relationship with your list? I believe it is crucial to your success to have a loyal and strong relationship with your list.

When you are building your list, make sure to start building relationship with that list right away. Because that is the main reason to have a list. Your list has to trust you in order to buy something from you. A great way to build that trust is to provide lots of value to your list, ask them what is it they are struggling with and provide the solution for them. When you prospect has received the answer he or she was looking for, they will love you!

It’s an incredible feeling when you know you are helping someone. No matter if it’s a free value that you have delivered or charged them for it, you’ve helped them. That is exactly how to get your subscribers to become your loyal fans and followers for life, is when you have provided something to them that they’ve been looking for everywhere!

The cool thing is it can work for any niche you are in, provide a solution and get a lifelong follower!

Here’s my quick video for you:

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