6 New Updates To A Powerful Viral Marketing Tool

When UpViral was launched, the market was introduced to a powerful viral marketing tool that offers a new way of driving traffic to your business using the power of viral marketing. As a result of this, thousands of people have been using this powerful tool to promote their business and taking full advantage of the effectiveness of viral marketing.  However like all great things, improvements have been made to this amazing technology. With that said, customers are even more excited about the new features that have been added, these features we’ll be talking about in this post.

#1. You can require entries to confirm their email address using double opt-in

You can now ensure that you’re not getting any fake emails in your contest with this new feature. This is done by enabling double opt-ins emails in your “Email Notifications” panel inside your campaign(s). With each confirmation message, you can set (i) a confirmation message and (ii) email confirmation pop/bar. This powerful viral marketing tool will not only make sure you get tons of fresh leads, but will also make sure those leads are also quality leads.

#2. You can collect more information using custom fields

In the beginning you could only collect name and email address. But now, you can collect even more data using additional custom fields. Some examples of additional information you can now collect includes a prospect’s location and their phone number and so much more.

#3. You can send emails from your own SMTP Mail Server

If you’re an advanced user, you’ll definately appreciate this feature right here. Imagine being able to have even more control over your email deliverability. Well you now can. You can do with using your own PostMark or SendGrid’s SMTP servers. Add your own PostMark or SendGrid account at the “General Settings” of your account and after doing this, you’re good to go!

#4. You can tag your subscribers thanks to deep autoresponder integration 

You now have the ability to segment your emails to those who have unlocked a certain award or haven’t yet done so. Note that this feature only works with selected autoresponders who support tagging, however, it’s still something to be excited about, especially for more advanced users. You can find this feature at your “Email Autoresponder” settings, under the tab “Advanced Email Integration Settings”.

#5. You can multiply your current email list thanks to one-click sign up and share links

This additional feature is definately a game changer in viral marketing, now you can finally multiply your email list with one-click sign ups and share links. With this new powerful feature, every subscriber will then automatically join your UpViral campaign. This is done using their own invite link generated on the fly.

An example where you can implement this feature is by sending an email like, “Want to get this free training? Share this on Facebook and Twitter. Once 5 of your friends sign up through your link, you’ll get immediate free access!” You can set this feature up by heading over to the “URLs/Integration” page inside your campaign. From there you can then generate links for people to join your campaign and share your message. The “Join Campaign” link will automatically add them to your UpViral campaign and sends them over to your thank you page.

#6. You can master the art of viral marketing with their learning center

They’ve also now added a learning center as part of the UpViral update which will be a very helpful resource for those just starting out in viral marketing. This is located in your dashboard and you’ll get access to courses that will help you get on the right track to effective viral marketing. This makes this tool even more valuable.

Is this powerful viral marketing tool for me?

You can be on the look out for more updates to the powerful marketing tool that UpViral is. Personally, I recommend anyone who wants to build a large and effective email list within a short period of time to get it. As a marketer, you want to be investing in the best tools available to get the most amazing results and UpViral will definately deliver. Try it out!